Yoga School Photography


Yoga Photography Services

As the photographer for Marianne Wells Yoga School, I will be taking photos from beginning to end of the experience, and will provide a link to watermarked images available for purchase at $25 apiece. This gives you full, indefinite usage rights, as well as giving you a file that has the watermark removed and appropriate for web and print. For those that prefer the best possible photos to remember the experience, I offer individual portrait sessions.

Golden Hour Portrait Sessions

  • Price: $150
  • Description: 45 minute long individual session. Allows you to and I to really focus on producing a specific look, with whatever mix of portraits that you desire. 
  • Number of Photos Provided: Generally these sessions will produce around 50 high quality photos. Individual portrait sessions will vary in terms of output however, as some will want a broad variety of poses, and others will want to really perfect a few. These will be shot using extremely high resolution cameras, able to capture enough detail for prints that are event several feet in height.
  • Delivery Method: A link to the digital files will be provided, and hosted for approximately two months.
  • Prints: I have a relationship with an amazing print house in seattle, that I trust will reproduce the color and dynamic range of the photos taken. I'm happy to process orders for you, and help with the appropriate crop if needed.

Questions? Email me at or call me at 206-228-9778