Portraits of actor Elizabeth Rhoades

Had a fun day in the studio today working with Elizabeth Rhoades, seattle-based actor and model. She definitely has a bit of an Amy Adams quality about her.

I went into the shoot with a very specific lighting approach in mind, which I then pretty much threw out after about 5 frames. Liked the quality of light coming from the west-facing windows of my home studio, so basically recreated what I was seeing from the available light with strobes. Used two elinchrom rotalux octas, one 53” and the other 39” positioned in such a way that I could play around with the ratios, and then added a reflector for fill, plus a profoto RFI 1x4 ft strip as a hair/accent light to camera right.

Goal was to create a crisp, commercial look with a bit of soul.


Sung Park